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Abhay Godse conducts a Program called as JYOTISH SHASTRACHE ANTARANG


  • It consists of information about Astrology on different aspects of life like Job, Business, Marriage, Married life, Remedies & many other areas of life
  • The AIM / Mission is to create Maximum Awareness about Astrology in the masses.
  • This program has a Questions & Answers section wherein Abhay Godse answers the questions about Astrology asked by the Audience..
  • Program duration : 2 hours, Language : Marathi



If you wish to take this program/show to your housing society, complex, community get together, Club

contact on 9689889332

Abhay Godse answering queries of the Audience in his program JYOTISH SHASTRACHE ANTARANG

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Abhay Godse's progam JYOTISH SHASTRACHE ANTARANG at Rotary Club, Pune



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