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Sample Questions

Following are some sample questions. You should ask your questions in this format.

Sample question 1

I have achieved good success in my professional career but however for past few months it is not giving me the desired results. I am working in as a professional Managing director for medium level shipping & logistics co. My deals are not getting through, my incentives etc are getting stuck, business is not flowing as it should be! My health is also not keeping well for past few months, some minor ailments here & there and this has never happened earlier.


I was also thinking of job switch over, is it recommended?

Sample question 2

I lost my job as a Diamond Buyer around 1 year back. My wife is a BAMS (Ayurveda) Doctor and has her own business in Ayurveda. I am helping her in the business at the same time trying to be in Gemstone business myself. I have applied for job several places but there is no response. The business is not generating enough money.


Therefore the question is, whether should I concentrate in Business ( I helped successfully establish and operate family gemstones business from 1992 till 2005 ) or should I put my effort in finding a job?

Sample question 3

My career, I am from mechanical engineering background worked for about 3 years in that field, I have switched to computers due to some unavoidable circumstances (visa issue). Now I’m kind of double minded, please give some advice. Please tell me what is going on with me, I have these strange things going on after my marriage (Aug 17th last year).


I lost my job after 6 months of my marriage, so I am worrying a lot and lot of conflicting situations also going on inside my mind. So how long does it take for me to overcome this situation. Sometimes I am thinking of going back to India and settle there in my mechanical engineering field what is your advice on this. Is it OK to take that direction.

Sample question 4

I am working at present in Doha (Quatar) in MNC. I am in oil exploration business. Earlier also I worked in middle east for last 10 years. I worked in India almost 1 year. I was transferred from India. I am in DOHA since last 5 months. I want to change the job as early as possible. As per your prediction when this will be possible?

Sample question 5

I am not happy in my married life because of my husband's nature. I got married in 04-Mar-2001. Since then things are not fine. Please guide me as to whether I will have better time in my life with husband or not. This is impacting even my 3.5 year old son. what is in store for me since I am not happy in my marriage and have suffered badly in career because of the same. When will my husband change so that I feel good about him?





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