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Testimonials by clients

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Understanding and mastering the KP Jyotish system is not all that easy as it sounds as there is no scope for “wild guesswork.” Using this knowledge to answer the questions of the people about their unforeseen future is therefore, requires a very pragmatic, logical and analytical approach. All this I find in Abhay Godse. 


I have consulted him for my problems on email and the way he has come out with the answers to my questions - predictions - has given me a comfortable feeling which I feel is very important. One should not expect a goodie, goodie prediction from an astrologer (Life is not like a lollypop). 


An astrologer of this modern age has to be educated, articulate and tactfully straightforward with convincing logic and mathematical calculations. I feel Abhay has all these qualities and that is what makes him a “Reliable Astrologer” who can render great service to the society with his commitment to “Jyotish-Vidya” and works like a “Light House” to navigate the people who need this kind of help on their life path.


Pradeep Adhikari, National Coordinator, HR, working in MNC, Mumbai

Sir, i am Mrs. Ruchi Balkrishna Patil. In the past, I had asked some questions to you about me & my husband & you have answered all those questions. All the things have happened as you predicted them (i.e. my husband job etc.) 


Mrs. Ruchi Patil, Mumbai

I had come to meet you a couple of weeks back for Astrology consultation. Must say that I am much relieved now & have reasonably come out of the stress & confusion over my dilemma. Would like to take this opportunity to thank you for helping me come out of this stage...


I also read all your articles. Must appreciate that all the articles are really good & give an excellent insight in the miraculous world of Jyotish. The plans of destiny are totally unfathomable & beyond the imagination of human beings like us..


Meghana Walimbe, Pune

Just wanted to inform you about my career growth. I am in Munich, Germany From 11 Dec 2005. According to agreement with siemens, I will be here up to Dec. 2006, your predication about my abroad trip was perfect.


Pavan Deshpande

Your prediction that I will get the job with higher salary & post has come true. Discussions were finalized on 28th December. I have resigned from present employment on 4th January & will be relieved on 31st Jan. I am joining new assignment at Vapi on 15th Feb.


Mangesh Kharwade, Vapi

It became exact of your prediction that I will be changing the job in the month of January and I got a job in a very big company.


Praneeth Korukanti, Bangalore

Thanks for keeping the fees affordable for middle class people like us and we would like to have much more interaction with you in future either meeting some time personally or by e-mail.


R S Mujumdar, Amravati

I am happy with the kind of services you are providing. It is really a "Vardaan" for the individuals like me in this internet world.


Sukeshini, Pune

I would like to appreciate that Abhay Godse is a very professional astrologer in today's world. His predictions are quite correct and further the way he explains the same. It is my personal experience. 


I have never seen before such a wonderful way of explaining the difficult situations and advising the best possible solutions. I am not afraid of any bad news or any bad times. It would be certainly better if well experienced astrologers like Abhay Godse advises you so that you get mentally prepared to face the difficult situations.


Rameshwar Goge, M.Tech., Canada

I have consulted Mr. Abhay Godse for myself and i would like to say that he has provided valuable guidance to me regarding my Job, Career, Marriage & many other things. I was in extreme dilemma regarding my job but he solved my dilemma immediately. Also provided his valuable guidance regarding my illness.


His advice gave me lot of encouragement and added confidence in my life. I really thank god for giving me an opportunity to meet such a wonderful astrologer and person like Mr. Abhay Godse. I also request other people to avail Mr. Abhay Godse's astrological services and reduce their complications in life.


Nita Girap, Mumbai

At the outset I wish to express my sincere appreciation & extend my congratulations for your prediction about my daughter who had been to USA in recent past.


I had also consulted you about my son. He also changed his job twice. This was all accurately predicted by you !


I read your article on planet Venus. It is indeed enlightening & innovative. In modern days ,study of astrology with such creative thinking & analysis is required instead of just copying down from old scriptures.  Excellent !


I have to thank you abundantly for astrological guidance provided by you. You have been very specific & categorical on matters asked by me about marriage, education, money & career. This will certainly help me to plan the future correctly. It  also gives much relief from unnecessary anxiety, adding confidence in dealing with matters in life.


Hope that many more people will be able to avail your astrological services in reducing complications in life. I wish you every success in your noble endeavor. 


Mr. Shah

Abhay Godse is a Professional Astrologer of today's time. His logics on every aspect are not only true at it's own place but very appealing. Continuously updated knowledge, Self discipline, Perseverance, Customer Focus and Value added explanations are most imminent features of his guidance.


Astrological advise is one of the tools in today's world which can not be left unexplored, while an individual is living in competitive world.


Knowing is not necessarily believing and believing can always be rationalized time and again. I will recommend everyone who can accept the fact that, if you can't solve the ancient math even today by yourself then you need to accept to respect the knowledge of Sir Krishnamurti several decades ago. If you can accept " Virtue " in Law of Gravity then you should accept that astrology is also a logically developed subject based on complex Mathematics and hypothesis which can not termed as Non sense in eternity.


Satish Ratnaparkhi, India


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