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Testimonials by clients

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Accidentally while surfing on net i came across the website. Being away from Nashik, i was home sick and wanted to return to back to Maharashtra until i came across Mr. Abhay Godse, who in turn predicted my career fate with great accuracy. I am highly impressed with his high degree of accuracy in the predictions. 


I had opportunity to visit Pune last month & i had made it a point to meet Mr. Abhay Godse for a detailed life prediction of my children. I have recommended the KP to all my colleagues.


Dr. Manoj Khare, M.B.B.S., Nashik

Shri. Abhay Godse has taken the ancient knowledge to edge of making his expertise available on the Net. I have been consulting him since last 1 year. I have found his advice very useful. The articles written by him are very apt & encourage the awareness of KP to people at large. I wish him all the best.


Let me put it on records that your work is committed to reducing the worry / anxiety of the people & indirectly promoting their health at large. Keep doing it.


Abhijeet Karandikar, Chartered Accountant, Dubai

I was & am having a great curiosity about Astrology because of Mr. Abhay Godse. I am showing my horoscope to him since last many years. I have also shown my horoscope to some other Astrologers but, somehow the things doesn't work except the few. Accurate predictions & frank opinion about the horoscope are the 2 specialties of Abhay Godse. My chemistry matched with him. 


I have myself experienced the predictions made by him as per KP & the predictions made by him came true till date regarding various issues of life.  I am & I will always consult him in future too.  In short, i would like to say that Abhay Godse is loyal to Astrology.


Deepak Rajadhyaksha, Zee Marathi

I was bit worried about my daughter's marriage. I was looking out for a good match for my daughter but, somehow nothing was happening positive. One day, we received a proposal of a boy for my daughter. I decided to show it to Mr. Abhay Godse, after reading & matching both the horoscopes, Abhay Godse told me that the horoscopes are very well matching & my daughter will get married to this boy only.


I got surprised because my daughter was not ready to accept the boy after looking at his photo on net, but, Abhay Godse was confident & insisting me to go ahead, he also told me that once the boy & the girl will meet each other, my daughter will agree to accept this proposal. Still, i was not very sure, but, i decided to go ahead & i was really surprised that my daughter liked the boy & accepted the proposal. She got married recently. 

The prediction made by Abhay Godse came true 100%. I am very much thankful to him for his guidance. His progress in Astrology at such a early age is really wonderful.


Mrs. Archana Bhadbhade, Housewife, Pune

Before coming to Mr. Abhay Godse for Astrology consultation, i was not believing much on Astrology & Horoscope, but, when he has given me all the scientific & logical information about Astrology & especially about KP, i was curious to know about it more. When i consulted him for my marriage, job & other things, i found very accurate results. 


Now, by my own experience, I know that Abhay Godse can make very accurate predictions about various things. In this today's world of science, studying a subject like Astrology is really admirable & wonderful. Now, i can tell many other people to change their point of view towards Astrology. I wish that all other people will get benefited like me. I wish Abhay Godse to use his expertise knowledge for the benefit of all other people & i wish him a very very grant success in this field.


Indradeep Jadhav, Chemical Engineer, Mumbai

I have consulted Mr. Abhay Godse for myself & would like to say very strongly that he has given me very very clear idea about me & my future. Overall, i would like to say that Abhay Godse is a upcoming, intelligent & down to earth person. I wish him all the success in his future endeavors.


Jitendra Kulkarni, Technical Officer, Software Technology Park of INDIA, S.T.P.I, Pune

Astrology is also a difficult science like any other sciences. Abhay Godse has studied KP & guiding various people with the help of Astrology, this is a really nice work. A young person like Abhay Godse has very well managed to do this work. I have myself observed the accuracy of predictions made by him & my faith on Astrology has definitely increased thereafter. I wish him good luck for his future study & work of Astrology.


Mrs. Suvarna Rao, Central Govt.employee, Mumbai

Mr. Abhay Godse has a very deep knowledge of Astrology. His accuracy of predictions is really wonderful & admirable. Myself & my family have experienced it. His style of prediction is very logical & sincere. I really admire it & I can trust on his predictions fully.


Mrs. Gawde, Ex-Matron, K.E.M. Hospital, Mumbai

In mid 2007, while surfing on the net I came across Abhay Godse’s website, an interesting & informative website. After couple of months, I visited Pune & met Mr. Abhay Godse. My first face to face interaction with him was fruitful when he directly addressed the current problem.


He not only displays an in depth knowledge of astrology but has very good analytical & illustrative abilities. I like his straightforwardness & logical approach. His software background gives him an edge over other conventional astrologers. I have consulted him several times in the last  one year in person & over emails and always received a good advise & accurate predictions.


Sunil Parkhi, Dubai, U.A.E.


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