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Personal Appointment


 ( Recommended for people staying in Pune or nearby areas )




§  By taking a Personal Appointment, you can meet Abhay Godse & ask your queries. Know more About Abhay Godse


§  Read the Testimonials to know what clients want to say about him. His client base includes people of different age groups & with different background.


Abhay Godse's Blog http://abhaygodse.blogspot.in/ ( in Marathi )


Abhay Godse’s Principle


He always tells his true opinion about the horoscope without hesitation because he likes to tell the things as they are irrespective of good or bad points. He believes that an Astrologer should always tell the facts as they are & should always tell what the horoscope is revealing to him.


Some astrologers have a tendency of telling only good points & avoid telling negative points (If any). This is neither beneficial to the astrologer nor to the client. The astrologer should try to maintain the transparency as far as possible.


Know the Facts than Fantasies







  • Choose your FRONT(S) OF LIFE & tell your choice at the time of taking a PERSONAL APPOINTMENT

  • You can choose Min. 1 and Max. 2 FRONTS OF LIFE from this list in ONE Appointment.

  • Half-an-hour will be given to one horoscope.

  • FEES are applicable as per the FRONTS OF LIFE you choose.


§    Correct Birth Time is required for all the Appointments.


Career & Finance front

 (Includes all the questions related with Job/Business & Finance)


Rs 950/- Per Person / Horoscope

Online Payment



Married Life front (Only for those who are already married & facing problems of understanding between husband & wife )

§    Married life Problems, questions about Divorce etc.

§    Accurate birth details of both husband & Wife are required.




Online Payment


Health Front



Rs 600/- Per Person / Horoscope

Online Payment


1st Marriage or Remarriage to happen & other details related with it..

No Match Making


Rs.950/- Per Person / Horoscope

Online Payment


Only Education Front


Rs 950/- Per Person / Horoscope

Online Payment


Assets / Real Estate / Property front



Rs 650/- Per Person / Horoscope

Online Payment


  About having 1st Child,

§    Accurate birth details of both husband & Wife are required.


Rs 950/-

Online Payment


You can Choose Min. 1 and Max. 2 fronts from this list in ONE Appointment. Half-an-hour will be given to one horoscope. After the appointment, horoscope prepared by us remains with us only.




  • Mode of payment -> Online Payment. Payment link will be sent to you by SMS.

  • Correct Birth time is required. Approximate Birth Time will lead to wrong horoscope.

  • No Match making.

  • After the appointment, horoscope prepared by us remains with us only.

  • Boy/Girls above 18 yrs -> Parents are Not allowed with you.

  • Parents can’t consult for their Son/Daughter above 18 yrs, they have to consult on their own.

  • Abhay Godse gives more emphasis on Predictions than Remedies.


How to take a Personal Appointment (Face to Face consultation)?

  1. Click here to SEND your Birth details & Questions to get a Personal Appointment.
  2. After sending the details, Call +91 9689889332 to book your Personal Appointment. (English/Marathi) (Mobile Number will be available from 10 am to 5 pm, Monday closed )

  3. Fees Payment is ONLINE. Payment link will be sent to you by SMS.

  4. After payment of fees, your appointment will get confirmed.


Personal Appointment Timings :

  • Tuesday to Friday   : 5 pm to 8 pm

  • Saturday & Sunday : 10 am to 1:30 pm

  • MONDAY Closed.

  • Rest of the time, Abhay Sir will be busy in phone consultations for people Out of Pune or Abroad.

  • Back to Back Appointments, pls reach on time.

Office is located at Tejas Nagar, KOTHRUD, PUNE

( Pl park your vehicle outside the premises )





I would like to appreciate that Abhay Godse is a very Professional & Accurate astrologer in today’s dynamic world.


I’m also a student of astrology, still, I’m very much surprised with his accuracy of predictions. I belong to a young generation & I’m sure that his approach towards astrology will definitely attract more & more young generation towards astrology. He explains things by giving lot many examples so that it becomes easier for people to understand the things. I wish him all the best for his great work in future.


Jahnavi Gole, MBA, Pune


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Me and my husband went to meet Mr. Godse with my Son's Horoscope. We just asked him about his education and his predictions were accurate. Me and my husband were stunned and speechless. My son is studying in the US, he told us that my son will be coming back to India and will be going abroad again after July 2012. Nothing was planned but to our surprise he got an internship and was in India till July 2012 and has just left for the US to continue his studies. His predictions regarding my niece also were accurate.


His accuracy of predictions is almost miraculous, my family and I have experienced his predictions, his frank and open minded advice is remarkable and we rely upon him and trust all his predictions. It helps one in taking decisions for the future.


Shaillejaa Jadhav, Pune

Dear Mr. Godse

It was very nice meeting you. You predicted that, Aug 2008 onwards, there will be good opportunities & there will be career growth. You also told me that i will get a chance to work with a well known and large scale company, and yes! I got a job offer from one of the best companies in India in mid Aug 2008 and now I am working with them.


Thank you very much for your support and suggestions. I can definitely say that your prediction turned out to be accurate.


Rahul Pethkar, Pune

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I have consulted Mr. Abhay Godse for myself and i would like to say that he has provided valuable guidance to me regarding my Job, Career, Marriage & many other things. I was in extreme dilemma regarding my job but he solved my dilemma immediately. Also provided his valuable guidance regarding my illness.


His advice gave me lot of encouragement and added confidence in my life. I really thank god for giving me an opportunity to meet such a wonderful astrologer and person like Mr. Abhay Godse. I also request other people to avail Mr. Abhay Godse's astrological services and reduce their complications in life.


Nita Girap, Mumbai

Abhay Godse's Predictions are bang on. Something he had predicated 2 years back, about an occurrence in December 2011 has come true. As the prediction was not what I expected I did not believe it but now when I have seen it happening in front of my eyes I have to admit that he has been accurate on what he had predicted.


I shall surely consult him for any future queries I will have.


Mr. Barot, Mumbai

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Understanding and mastering the KP Jyotish system is not all that easy as it sounds as there is no scope for “wild guesswork.” Using this knowledge to answer the questions of the people about their unforeseen future is therefore, requires a very pragmatic, logical and analytical approach. All this I find in Abhay Godse.



Pradeep Adhikari, Mumbai


More Testimonials..



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